Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished filming & catching up...

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting and busy. As you have probably already noticed I haven’t blog and that isn’t because of a lack of content it has been the result of time. First, working on the movie Rehab was completely amazing and an experience I won’t soon forget. We worked long days and it was non-stop go. It was a totally amazing experience to be apart of and honestly the best part was meeting all the people. I truly hope that I can remain in contact with some of those folks and it would be wonderful if I could have an opportunity to work with them in the future!

One of the most interesting parts of the experience was just to see how everything came together and how everyone worked to make all the different scenes come alive. It is really hard to explain all the work that goes on behind the scenes over long hours to make a few minute part of a movie. It was also amazing to see how they created and lit the sets. The mixing of ambient light and artificial light was really impressive. These guys almost made it look easy and if I didn’t know any better I don’t think I would have really had an appreciation for the level of effort and work that was put into it to make everything work.

On the second to last day the guys over at Cinema 5D came over to interview Kenny Glassing the Director of Photography about his experience utilizing the Canon 7D to shoot the entire movie. It is a really neat interview and you get a behind the scenes look at what was going on. They even received a little clip from the “A” camera and were able to put that in their interview. It is definitely worth a see.

I really got dipped in the fire on this one.  I had the opportunity to slate a bunch of scenes, run lenses back and forth to the camera and basically be involved in the middle of everything that was going on.  Mike did an outstanding job of keeping me on tracking and making sure that I didn't screw anything up, well at least not too bad!  Like I said above the best part was being able to just watch how the creative process worked and I really learned a lot from how Kenny would setup and orchestrate the overall feel of the scenes.  The days were VERY long and I think they were mainly 12 to 14 hour days.  I did finally start staying down there because the drive was just too long.

Bottom line though, this was an amazing experience and one that I am really grateful to Kenny Glassing, Alan Cohen, Tim Sheridan and Mike Cassidy for making it happen. I know that it was highly unusual for someone to get the chance to walk in and do this and I truly appreciate the opportunity. I hope I didn’t disappoint!

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