Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Knitting...

My wife Denise has always been into crafting and lately she has been involved in a lot of knitting projects. I always think it is really cool when she is doing this and I took a moment the other day to capture some of her work in progress.  She was a really great sport about it and allowed me to engulf her with lights and capture images around her as she worked on her latest project.

As you can see from the insert image to the right I utilized two strobes on C-Stands to light the area and provide a balance of main light and fill light.  I triggered both lights with Pocket Wizards II Plus units with both of them shooting through Photoflex softboxes (one large and the other medium).

I always like capturing her projects and this was no exception.  She was also very pleased with the results and liked how I captured the project from her point of view.

The final images are now available on iStockPhoto!