Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starting Over...

The last year has been pretty difficult with a lot of personal issues that have really complicated my life.  The direct result of all this turmoil was that my photographic creative side was put on the top shelf and neglected for over a year.  Today I sign the papers that takes me out of limbo and gives me my life back!

Everything happens for a reason and I honestly feel that events in life guide you to where you need to be and to help you make the correct choices during a long and hard path.  I have been very fortunate that along every step of the way I have had family and friends by my side who have walked with me and helped me through this journey.  I will be forever grateful for their support, kindness and patiences.

I have also been very fortunate to make some amazing new friends along the way with the latest set being Faith and Cliff Johnson from Oval Studios.  I had an wonderful opportunity to work with with some lighting/equipment techniques and as a result I was able to put a camera back to my eye and create some images!

Photography has always been very special to me and something I have been extremely passionate about.  It was amazing to experience that again and I am ready to start creating again!

The imagine above is of Diana who was the model that Faith brought as our subject for the evening.  Now this wasn't a model shoot but more of a lighting exercise and I just have to say that Diana was awesome, very patient and an absolute blast to photograph!