Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jessica's Shoot!

I had an amazing opportunity to work with a new model on some concept shots I've been wanting to create.  I've run into Jessica a few times and a couple weeks ago I pitched the idea to do a shoot.  So after jockeying schedules we made a day and planned to have everything in place for a shoot.

I had found a really neat location that made a wonderful backdrop for her images.  We talked through various wardrobe and discussed the location and the concepts for the shoot.  She was very excited and very much a collaborator on the final selects.

I also enlisted the help of Mike and Kris and they were wonderful in making this a very success shoot with a lot of amazing images.  Jessica also brought her friend Amber who was essential in making the quick makeup, hair and wardrobe changes between sets.

After meeting for a nice per-shoot-lunch we headed out to the location!  If was a very busy day and all told I think we shot for pretty much 5 straight hours!  We had 6 wardrobe changes and physical moves to the different sets so there was a lot of work going on.

First I have to say I was very impressed with Jessica's modeling skills.  The best example is that her first image was just as fresh as her last! She is a true professional and a wonderful model.  She was a real pleasure to photograph and I honestly hope we have another opportunity to work together.

It was truly a wonderful shoot and I think everyone had a really great time!  None of this would have been possible without a great team of creative people and everything really came together for a wonderful shoot!  So I would like to express my thanks to Jessica, Amber, Mike and Kris for helping make this happen!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Scouting locations in the desert...

During the late afternoon today I wanted to try and scope out a location that would be good for a later portrait shoot.  Denise was kind enough to step in to test out the location.  I think the shots turned out pretty good and with the sun going down basically behind her and provided a night rim light on her.

The only draw back to this location is I was really surprised how many vehicles were traveling down this dirt road.  I think because of that it would make it difficult for anything other than a grab shot.

I was really happy with the lighting and the look and feel of the shots though.  I will definitely have to keep my eyes open to see if I can find a more suitable location and do a real shoot.