Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jessica's Shoot!

I had an amazing opportunity to work with a new model on some concept shots I've been wanting to create.  I've run into Jessica a few times and a couple weeks ago I pitched the idea to do a shoot.  So after jockeying schedules we made a day and planned to have everything in place for a shoot.

I had found a really neat location that made a wonderful backdrop for her images.  We talked through various wardrobe and discussed the location and the concepts for the shoot.  She was very excited and very much a collaborator on the final selects.

I also enlisted the help of Mike and Kris and they were wonderful in making this a very success shoot with a lot of amazing images.  Jessica also brought her friend Amber who was essential in making the quick makeup, hair and wardrobe changes between sets.

After meeting for a nice per-shoot-lunch we headed out to the location!  If was a very busy day and all told I think we shot for pretty much 5 straight hours!  We had 6 wardrobe changes and physical moves to the different sets so there was a lot of work going on.

First I have to say I was very impressed with Jessica's modeling skills.  The best example is that her first image was just as fresh as her last! She is a true professional and a wonderful model.  She was a real pleasure to photograph and I honestly hope we have another opportunity to work together.

It was truly a wonderful shoot and I think everyone had a really great time!  None of this would have been possible without a great team of creative people and everything really came together for a wonderful shoot!  So I would like to express my thanks to Jessica, Amber, Mike and Kris for helping make this happen!

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