Saturday, November 06, 2010

Story time!

I had the opportunity the other day to shoot a "story time" shoot with the family.  It has been an idea that I've had for a while and although it sounds like it would be a simple shoot the logistics of setting everything up and having everyone pause for a moment to read under the production of lights can be a little daunting.

Fortunately my son Devin was a willing model stand-in for me to get everything set up.  I also took advantage of the setup to get some really neat shots of him reading his book.  I had to joke with him a bit to get the right emotion (that he was really enjoying the book) but it was pretty cool

The lighting step-up is pretty simple.  I used a large Photoflex softbox off a c-stand right over and slightly in front of them for the key light and I then used a simple shoot through umbrella right next to the camera for a bit of fill.  It was a pretty neat setup and produced some really cute images.  

A selection of these images is available in my stock portfolio!