Sunday, June 06, 2010

Completely unexpected...

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a strange post.  I know you've all read about my buddy Mike Cassidy moving on from working at Edwards and going back into the film business.  Well, Mike's plan was to get me down on the set for a day to see what everything was all about.  The "plan" was to try and do something for a day this coming week.  As we started to finalize the plan Mike asked, "So what do you want to do?  Just hang out and watch?"  I'm like, "Ah, ya, like was there another option?" He was like, "Well, do you want to work it as part of the film department?"  I was like, "Seriously????"

So here's the deal, with some totally amazing support from my boss at work I was able with basically no notice get nearly another week off (minus Tuesday) to work on this new film.  So I went down on Saturday and had my introduction to the film business.  I was fully prepared for Saturday to be it and had it worked out that day it would have been a totally amazing experience.  I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to come back on Monday until about 2230 Saturday night.

So what are my impressions???  First, Mike is freaking amazing and one of the highlights of the day was when they had a really complicated shot that Mike just nailed and the executive producer came out from "video village" to personally tell him how awesome he did and that he should be working on their crew on CSI Miami (most of the film crew were from that show).  The second was seeing how in tune everyone was and how things just happened without having to be asked.  It was like everyone was on the same page and knew what everyone else was going to do.

This is really an opportunity of a life time and I am still just completely amazed and blown away that I am actually doing.  It is pretty darn obvious that you don't normally get to just walk in and start working in the camera department.  I know that it being a freebie helps but even still this is really amazing and I am VERY appreciative for the chance to do this.

If everything stays on schedule I will finish with the crew when production wraps on Tuesday the 15th!

I'm not sure how much more I will be able to blog but once I am done I will write about the entire experience!