Monday, January 17, 2011


I had the opportunity to do some night photography a few days ago. One of the themes that I wanted to explore was camping. Since we were going to be spending a few hours outside, in the dark, the idea came up early on about having a 
“camp fire” to hang around and stay warm while we were getting a few ideas shots. So, I was thinking, “hmm, so we’ll have a fire I just need a tent!” Luckily my wonderful wife Denise could remember where we put the thing and into the truck it went.

Once we arrived at the location and scouted a few areas, while the sun was still out, we went on our way to create the camping scene. I was pretty happy with the results and I’m hopefully that a designer will be able to incorporate some of the images that were created into their next killer design!

On the technical side night shots are a bit more complicated that normal shots. For one your internal camera meter just isn’t going to cut it (unless it will resolve multi-minute exposures). So most of the shots that night were 3 to 5 minutes at F/8 with the camera set to ISO 200 (the native for my Nikon).


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