Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flowers & Roses

I ran into town the other day, we kind of live in the middle of nowhere, to pick some things up and on the way back I bought these Roses for my wife Denise.  She was having kind of a frustrating day and I wanted to do something nice and special for her.  I didn't really intent to photograph them but after a day or so they really were looking pretty beautiful so I went decided to capture them.

The lighting setup is a little different because basically I was kind of lazy and I already had the lights in a certain configuration. So I boomed a light with a grid-spot directly over head pointing straight down at the flowers.  I then put a medium softbox about 6" off to camera right feathered away from the background to keep it dark.  Then for a bit of fill I used a silver circular reflector to bounce just a bit of light back into the shadows.