Monday, July 26, 2010

Rare boondoggle

Over the weekend I did a rare photo boondoggle with my friend Steve Cukrov who I met through a stock photography workshop I took a handful of years ago.  We have been meaning to meet up for a couple of years but up until now we just couldn't make it happen.

I didn't really have an expectations other than just catching up on everything that has been going on.  Steve was looking to do some location shooting and scouting so we decided to start our day by meeting at Paramount Ranch which is a place near the Malibu Mountains that is the site where Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was filmed.  That is the place that Mike introduced me too a few months ago and a place I wanted to return too.

From there we just traveled around and wound our way through different areas near Paramount Ranch and even ended up at the Reagan Presidential Library.  The library wasn't really what I expected (I was thinking of more photo opportunities) but it turned out to be pretty darn cool.

After a few hours transversing the grounds we made out way to Santa Paula to check out a small train stop.  From there we finished the shooting day wandering the area and capturing different views of the town through back streets.

I haven't done a photo boondoggle with no real goal than to be creative for a long while and it was a bit refreshing to just do it.  I spend so much time focused on project based photography and it was really nice to have a break!

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